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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A great BOD

We all want a great BOD right?  But a great BOD is so much more that outward appearances. In marketing the acronym BOD stands for: Brand Awareness, Objectives/Outcome, and Differentiators.
In short the questions marketers need to ask are: who are we, what is our desired outcome; our objective, and how are we different from our competitors; in product and in our message?

Brands are like personalities they're all a little different and need to be celebrated for their uniqueness. I was running like fool on the treadmill earlier today, doing my TAM inspired workout, when a commercial for Rembrandt Teeth whitening came on. The commercial was eerily familiar; it was a near clone of an Orbit Gum Campaign.

The Rembrandt Commercial features an attractive woman dressed professionally in white. Her accent is commanding, and slightly un-identifiable. Is it German, or Future-esque? Not sure. The Rembrandt lady invites us into her laboratory to show us her "Deep Clean" findings.

In the orbit commercial we are again introduced to an attractive woman dressed in white with a hard to place accent. This woman similarly welcomes us to "The Orbit Institute," where she announces the findings of focus group study.

Both Commercials attempt to show product innovation. When I first saw the Rembrandt commercial I thought: Dang they've got a BODY; Brand, objective, different, and YIKES! Copy Cat strategy. 
I immediately questioned if Orbit Gum and Rembrandt were siblings within a large master company (nope). Orbit is a sub-brand of Wriggles, and Rembrandt is a division of Johnson and Johnson. 

The Orbit lady, commercials have been around for a while. I as a consumer recognize the marketing BOD, employed by Orbit. The Rembrandt commercials fails to stand out, in my mind. Its campaign compliments Orbit Gum better that its own product. I like many my age have a selective attention span, for a commercial to grab my attention and make me watch it has to be different. 

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