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Monday, September 12, 2011

Hot Wheels Hair

The 90's are a blur of freakishly fun childhood memories for me. I grew up in Banff Alberta and as a result of being super into snowboarding and other such endeavours- I learned boy toys were cool? 

My brothers had mad amounts of hot wheels and a creepy crawlers which they baked in an oven. I was Kinda envious. I mean- Really? I'm supposed to make a cake in my easy bake; when they get to produce bugs to use against me- not fair.

I tried to like their toys, and to understand how to play with them. I Didn't quite get it though. I'm a girly girl, and instead of racing the cars around some sort of daredevil course I was concerned with their wear-ability. So, I devised ways to fashion them into my wardrobe. Today- I finally figured it out. 

Introducing my hot wheels hair- now my dream car has just become a perfect or strangely innovative accessory. 

Yes you too, can accessorize with childhood memories.

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