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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cardio Toned.

Toning Balls help increase the intensity of any workout. The weighted ball helps to tone the body by safely adding resistance. Toning balls are great for targeting problem areas, and are safe to use; especially  for those with injuries. I like to use a small weighted toning ball (max 3lbs). Toning Balls are in expensive and easy to find. I got mine at Target for $10.   

When you ad resistance to a cardio workout, your body is forced to concentrate on the slower toning movements, as opposed to just wandering in the happy cardio thoughts. I day dream all the time during cardio.  Adding resistance to my cardio helps me, to stay present and receive the most benefits of my cardio workout.

I've been incorporating a small toning ball into my tramp workouts, and have been enjoying the shift in focus. This routine: is a low impact workout that require focus. 

If you are considering getting a rebounder, or just want to try it out. My fitness Idol, Tracy Anderson, had just added rebounders to her online store. They are selling for $70 dollars, which is a fair introductory price (and allot cheaper that a treadmill). 

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