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Thursday, December 29, 2011

workouts to-go

My Grandma certainly knows the key to my heart. For Christmas my lovely grandma not only spoiled me with home-made goodies but also took me on a shopping spree to lululemon where I got a fabulous pair of Paris Pink work out pants, and a no limit tank top. 

My brother is a percussionist, and is working on a cruise ship, For New Years, my family is off to surprise him on the boat. I'm excited; a 3 day cruise in the Caribbean, and more family time. ( The joke being on my brother whom attempted to avoid the stress of a family holiday by running off to entertain sea folk for the holidays.)

When ever I travel, I always pack my workout wear to make it easy to get my fitness in. Many hotels chains including The Fairmont, The Hyatt, and The Hilton's like to keep room temperature just slightly above a comfortable heat. The practice of keeping hotel rooms un-noticeably uncomfortable is an industry trick to  manipulate guests into ordering in-room entertainment, food services, and to encourage guests to take advantage of hotel amenities. For me, the warmer rooms just motivates me to do my Tracy and reap the benefits of  a"hot" workout. Hotel rooms make for amazing workout spaces. They always have bottled water ( 2lb weight), a chair, mirrors, and a sturdy desk to place your computer. 

I've designed this arm and leg workout to work with the furnishings of any hotel room. This leg and arm toning workout does not require must space, and the hot hotel room will really increase your body's ability to stretch into the movements while sweating out extra toxins. 

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