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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Cost of Resolutions: Happy New You!

In the 90's and 000's, New Years Resolutions were simple and focused on the mantra of "Self Improvement". Companies like Lulu-Lemon, who inspired personal gratitude skyrocket to the top of consumer awareness because they encouraged the buyers of the brand to reach their self improvement goals. I am anything but perfect. I'm a work of art, a masterpiece that has yet to be fully achieved. In truth, I hope I never reach my artistic and pragmatic concept of perfection. To reach my ideal version of self, would be a disappointment and an oxymoron. Improvement and resolutions are progressive and continual; perfection in static and passé. 

I hope to evolve and transform through out my life as I learn and grow through experience. The resolution of yesteryear's of the 90's and 2000's are being forgotten. Long gone are the self promises to quite smoking, continue education, and commit to fad diets. The highly coveted and desired resolution of 2012 have a focus on creating more; "me" time, such as to read more; or you time, through volunteer work. For 2012, the financial hangover on 2008 is still very present and people do not wish to spend a lot of money to achieve their resolutions. Bloomberg reports that gym enrollment through the last quarter on 2011 has declined; while do it yourself at home fitness gifts such as: Tracy Anderson Method, have increased in sales. 

Top 2012 Resolutions:

Get Fit at home vs. the gym
Cost of a trainer for 100 sessions: $7000, cost of a one year gym membership $600
= $7,600
$29.99 a month, $360 a year, plus $30 for a mat, and $40 for equipment
= $430 a year (saving of $7,170).

Weight loss:
$2,646 dollars of a one year membership to Equinox or $479 of a one year membership to weight watchers

Debt Reduction:
 $23 per month to enroll in a debt management plan. 

Increased Organization:
( on my list) 
$ 7, "clear your space, clear your mind." by Lina J. Parks

Read more:
Book costs....and or tablet computer cost of $699

Find a New Job:
The opportunity cost of quitting and searching for new employment, plus the necessary personal appearance investment to look presentable.

Volunteer more/serve on a non-profit board:
Time costs, opportunity costs, potential for increased stress and less time with family and friends. Potential for personal disconnect if the organization does not fit with your personal philosophies. This resolution is a a positive concentration, however it needs to complement you and your lifestyle not meet the criteria you have set to "achieve an ideal" persona. 

No one, not even those with unbelievable personal will power/ super powers has the ability to stay committed to all of the above resolutions. The trick of discovering a new and improved you is to focus on one resolution and commit. 

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