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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

one of a few

I love Vancouver with all of its flair. I love Vancouver with it's over the top quirkiness, and I love Vancouver with it's somewhat moody weather. Vancouver is a blast; it hosts some of the best Canadian attractions (Grouse Mountain, Capilano Suspension Bridge, The aquarium...), not to mention the wonderful shopping,  the sporting  events, and eateries in Canada.

For the 2010 Olympics Vancouver put in the incredibly convenient Canada Line. A line on the sky train that zips any passenger quickly and efficiently from the YVR airport to Waterfront station the portal/ hub of  Vancouver with easy access to: historic Gas-Town, Granville and North Van.

When ever I visit Vancouver I usually find myself caught up in a blur of activities;  wishing I had more time to enjoy the city.

I have, only, one must do when in Van, and that is a quick shopping trip to my all time favorite boutique "One of a Few." The shop is a utopia of design forward fashion combined with the utilitarian concept of re-newing past fashion idols. Old furs, leathers, keys, and countless other textiles have been reworked and shine like new amongst the more modern pieces hanging on the racks.

The past refurbished in a fashion manner including a 50's inspired pair of driving gloves with a rich fur cuff. Love.

The ladies that employ One of a Few, and it's sister shop Two of a Few are incredible. They are friendly stylish, truthful, and always ready with useable/workable advice. Both shops are unique and well worth the detour.

It a perfect world I would be able to spend endless hours browsing One of a Few, trying on every suggestion. Unfortunately for my shopping pleasure my time in Vancouver was limited;  I am so pleased with the vintage pieced I found courtesy of Gypsy Market, and a beautiful Gestuz cocktail dress. Next time I'm in Vancouver I making sure I pick up a pair of the most perfect heels: high, sexy, and comfortable.

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