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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fish TAIL braids!

Fish Tail
 Braids, are my go to winter activity hair style. The braid, pulls my hair back and keeps it orderly while I play outdoors. Because Fish Tale braids are braided differently, I find that after a day of rocking a fish tale braid, I don't have the "typical" braid kinks to deal with. 

To fish tale braid your hair yourself, think of it as french braiding in reverse. 

First divide you hair into two pieces.

Then take a mini piece of hair from one of the large halves of hair and cross it over to the other half.
Repeat crossing back and forth little pieces of hair. I find that for the most dramatic look it is important to cross outside hair into the inside of the opposite half.

 Fish Tale braids are super easy, and look great! 

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