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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tramping about, sans Jingle

It is so easy to forget about your arms during cardio workouts. A lot of cardio exercises are either  repetitive which focus on the large leg muscles, since they require more energy to move. Or cardio workouts challenge balance, which intuitively forces the exerciser to concentrate on core stability rather than movement. 

Adding arm choreography to a workout can spike the overall effectiveness of the cardio. Our arms are comprised of large muscles; and when we focus on increasing arm movements in cardio it switches the exercisers attention from: shortness of breath to a specific body part. 

The switch in focus increases the exercisers endurance, while challenging balance and increasing muscle awareness/memory. 

I personally struggle, with remembering to incorporate my arms into workouts. I tend to keep my arms quiet. This urban rebounding workout is intended to focus on the arms first, and the jumps second.  

Follow along once or twice, and each time you replay the workout try to focus on a different muscle group. You will be shocked by how much the attention to "details" can transform your workout!


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