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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Keep Calm, and Party On

Ef it, It's 2012. 
It is the end of the world, and or civilization according to the lack of continuation in the Mayan calendar. 
If it is the end of the world, if the ship is sinking titanic steeze, I ain't going down quietly; nor compliantly. 
I'm going out with bang, I'm going out with glitz, I'm going out horribly fashionable and possibly a little late. 

It might be the end of the world for some, but mine is just coming into sight. The future is never to come, and the past is nothing but memories. The only time ever held is the brief moment in which decisions are made and actions performed. When the lights go out, I will glow, and I will party like it is 2012.

My attire will camouflage nicely as time explodes with the confusion of fireworks and cheers. My attire will glimmer like molted metal burning for attention. My shoes shimmering as they smother the debris of expectations and seemingly tangible existence.

My shoes will start the conversations, as the party inevitable becomes eclipsed by Y2K and other such dates which wrongly predict to deliver universal chaos.

Anarchy is not chaos, and chaos is not calm, but my feet remain grounded 6 inches above land.  The Chaos is in my head, the pain is in my feet, the frustration of a New Years as uneventful of all that have come before. New Years eve, is just another night with overly high expectations. 

I fortunately have the upper head; For The House always wins, and my shoes, so discreetly  adorned in jewels, own the house.
Happy New Years!Mr new years resolution is to dress has manically and wild as I wish. Every day is worthy of party clothes. Hell there may only be 300 more days left of a life as we know it....


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