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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shred the slopes; Get Fit.

I love winter! More specifically I love Snowboarding. I know that , I'm kind of the opposite of most people; because of my love for snow I am fitter and more toned in the colder snow filled winter months. The satisfaction and adrenaline of "dashing through the snow" on technical sled is unbeatable. A day skiing or snowboarding is not only great for your spirit, but it is a total body workout that requires large muscle movements to hold and edge, mixed with interval of anaerobic exercise. 

A single day on the slopes can zap over 1,000 calories ( and can help prevent the dreaded seasonal weight gain). 

For ski and snowboard reviews of resorts, check out: Board the World. My Personal favourite place to shred is the Canadian Rockies. I love Sunshine Village Ski Resort and Marmot Basin in Jasper.

There are a lot of great ski/board clubs; that can enrich you social life. Whether you are learning to ski or snowboard, or getting back into; you need to be patient, listen to your body, eat health foods, and always remember the importance of pre ski and post ski stretches.

So go,  get out, and enjoy winter!

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