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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sweat: Beachen Bod

Instant Body Boosters

Wear the right clothes:
To accentuate your a$$, wear the right pant. Wear pants with narrow legs; that are fitted around the tush. A cigarette leg is classic and elegant because the fitted pant projects the image of an hourglass figure. 
To accentuate your midsection, look for a high-rise pant that frames the natural curve at your waist line. Add a big belt to break up the look, and enhance the illusion of voluptuous curves.
To highlight your beautiful broad shoulders look for a tops with a boat neck. 
The shoulder line of your shirt should always hit just below where your arm and shoulder join. This gives your arms the illusion of length. 

Go Indigo:
When choosing jeans, and knit sweaters pink an indigo hue. The dark color is figure flattering, without the harshness of noir. Dark denim, can be flattering in all washes and textures. When a choosing a lighter denim opt for a thicker fabric, a heavy white denim will add more shape to your figure while camouflaging problem areas. 

Tone It Out:
The more muscle tone you have, the better your body will fill your clothes. Aim to 
fit in 15 minutes a day for an easy toning workout. Alternate between major muscle groups. When you target your arms you engage core/support muscles that help to tone the lower body as well.  

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