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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beauty: Pastel Eyes

Nothing screams spring like a soft pastel color palate. The soft colors are blooming in trends from home decoration, to nail colors and all the in-betweens . The pastel hues are romantic, pretty, vibrant, and universally flattering to all skin tones.  

Pair your mint or rose denim with  pastel eye-shadow to cash in on the "oh-so-pretty" look. Pastel eye colors were big in the 80's ( and if your canadian the 90's). The updated 2012 pastel look is a more refined and romantic. The modern pastel eye shadow is sheer, shimmery, and wearable; opposed to the caky chalky pastel of yesteryears.

For a flattering pastel eye look choose a color that pops against your hair color.
To make sure the look screams grown up, and not tween queen, keep your blush and lips simple. 


 A mint green, or light blue


 A dusky rose, or viollet

Red Heads: 

A soft pink, or a gentle mustard

Gently line and smudge your lower lid with a soft brown. 

In the inner corner of your eye brush in some white eyeliner or eyeshadow. Using a basic eye shadow or smoky brush, apply the pastel color to your lid. 

Use a white/light shadow in the crease of your eyelid.

Blend the color, and apply a brown mascara  to amp up the pastel hues. 

-Ces Très Chic! 

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