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Friday, May 11, 2012

Want: Susan Joy Design

I have been obsessed with Susan Joy Design since I first spotted her brushes featured in Sky Magazine. 
Susan Joy is a creative philanthropist. Susan has always had a passion for artistic endeavors, her art was always a hobby as she made her living through her 9-5 corporate world profession. Art was Susan's release. Her joy.

Susan started up her artisan grooming business when a co-worker of hers was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Susan designed makeup brushes with positive mantras to help her friend feel beautiful while she battled breast cancer with: "focus, believe, faith, and strength."

In 2010 after the Haiti earthquake, Susan had an epiphany. The company that she worked for had a program in place to match relief aid from donors to help Haiti. The selflessness of giving to those in need provided Susan with an enormous amount of joy. She felt as if she was helping make a difference.

With community service as mission and focal point of her business Susan designs her products to be esthetically pleasing and cause-centric. Susan donates ten percent of all her proceeds to various causes including:

- Save the Ta-Tas for Breast Cancer
- Pet Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah
- The Red Cross
- American Heart Association

The Brush Shui kit is on my wish list.

I think the mens shaving accessories would make a great gift for father day....

With the purchase of a Susan Joy Design, you the customer is given the choice to choose which organization will receive your donation. Susan's art is functional, beautiful, and progressive. She creates out of passion for the love of human kind. 

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  1. Looks amazing but it needs to be singular Susan Joy Design!