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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pet Friendly Get-a-Ways

I have a theory, that Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is being exemplified by domesticated animals, primarily dogs. In the past decade (or so), Labradors, Doodles, Toys, Collies, Hounds, and Boxers have made the coveted leap from pet to family member. Our four legged friends are unique, one of kind, with a personality so distinct-

The overt personification of domesticated animals has led to the evolution of their needs from a survival motivation, to a need to belong and be accepted by the human family. In attempts to gain family approval our furry friends have realized the importance of building esteem. Dogs have figured out that performing certain tricks grant rewards, (the need for esteem). Furthermore some highly evolved dogs, like my families over indulged Labrador has discovered the freedom that comes with basic problem solving (ex. eating one's leash to avoid being tied up).

In the past decade, there has a been an increasing trend to appeal to and include the family pet in advertising campaigns. Such as, "The Family Vacation."

Responsible pet parents know  that our pups, deserve a vacation too. The modern family resort is pet friendly. I wonder how long it will be until vacation destination begin a high budget marketing assault aimed at the family dog?

Watch as The Banff Dog enjoys his mountain retreat. Surly sparking envy from the urban pup community. 

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