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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sweat: Leg SOS

High Heels, might be a gift from the beauty gods. Heels transform the look of a woman by elongating the natural lines of the body, lifting the ass, and blessing the wearer with an extra shot of confidence. Heels are the ultimate beauty booster. Unfortunately the look of long lean glamour given to a shoe fanatatic from high heels comes at a price. 

High heels are the ultimate short term solution; they lift for an evening, week or even month. In the long run the beauty cost of always wearing high heeled shoes is pricey and beauty stumping. High heel shoes force the foot into a permanent flexed position. The hyper flexed foot can cause pre-mature arthritis through  hyper tension of the calf an Achilles tendon. 

Fortunately the painful beauty stumpers of always wearing high-heeled shoes can be prevented through foot and leg articulation exercises. This 10 minute workout is the perfect antidote to legs burdened by the pains of heels. The routine is lengthening, toning and stretching. Follow along and enjoy long lasting leg beauty. 

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