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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In Pursuit of Wisdom

As I have mentioned Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu spoke at my graduation from Gonzaga University (May 13th, 2012). Tutu is a powerful speaker whom commands attention from audience members. Tutu himself is a petite man with the charisma liked to a Santa Claus character. Tutu speaks with purpose and is inspired by truth. On Graduation day, I was over whelmed with excitement and fear to fully hear the entirety of Tutu's speech. My mind was busy with distracted thoughts. What I heard the first time I listened to Tutu's speech was the shrill of new adventures and the journey that presents it self when faced with immediate change. I heard Tutu say that young people everywhere do amazing things. Desmond Tutu, called us "incredible creatures." What I heard on graduation day was the promise of hope and the excitement of life unfolding. 

The messages we here, we hear selectively. In our heart we may know an answer or be aware of the necessary course of action needed to fully capitalize on the joys of possibilities laid out for us. There is an ancient adverbs that states: "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." 
I believe that we only allow our self to learn, to feel, and to push mountains when are ready to meet the challenges, and are no longer paralyzed by a fear of failure. In the pursuit of excellence, failure is eminent. Through failure we learn. Through failure we differentiate ourselves, we filter out the weak. To fail with  grace is admirable. Failure can act as a catalyst for success, as it teaches one to learn from their mistakes. 

Upon re-listening to Desmond Tutu's speech, I still hear the hope in his voice as he admires the beauty of youthful energy. Though upon re-listening I am aware of his request for us to find passion and pursue our goals with out fear or hesitation. Tutu says that none of us are accidents, even though we may appear to look so, he pleads us to dream unaffected by cynicism. There are no mistakes, no accidents. There is a gentleness to his request, just as there is a call for action, Tutu wishes us the luxury of never being: "To good to enjoy the challenges of life."  

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