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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pretty in Academic Regalia

The big milestone days of our lives are often accompanied by a frenzy of complicated make-up, over tulled dresses, and fussy hair styles. The milestone days, are the days that matter: where life happens on schedule. They are always seemingly picture perfect. Graduation, is big deal, and a cause to celebrate.

Graduation, unlike the other "big" days is not the time nor place to experiment with complicated looks. When my the tassel makes the symbolic flip, or my cap gets thrown in the air,  I  don't want to worry about  my mane getting caught up in the excitement or make-up smeared and melting  all over my face.

For easy Academic Regalia beauty the secret is to keep your hair and makeup simple (kiss). 

Wear your hair down in loose curls or gentle waves. Stephanie Kocielski, the VP of education for Paul Mitchell warns grads against hyper straightening their hair. The Cap and Gown, are bulky and a super sleek/straight hair style will draw attention to the frump of the gown. A middle part with wavy curls will complement to gown, by reducing aesthetic inconsistencies.

Stephanie recommends:

prepping hair with:  "Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hydrowhip Cream."  Apply to damp hair starting at the scalp. 

Part your hair in the middle. The part does not have to be straight; but should align with your natural part. 

Comb they hydropwhip  through as you blow out you hair.

Once you hair is dry spritz in some "Awapuhi Texturizing Sea Spray." Curl your hair with wide barrel curling wand (for easy volume tips separate hair into pigtails).  

With a bobby pin, pin each curl up to cool.

Graduation day is like stepping into Lindsey Lohan shoes for a few hours. Cameras and flashes are everywhere. You might be a live " La Lohan mess"; but with all the family and faculty present it is important to give the illusion of holding your grey goose together. Pick neutral colors that complement your gown ( browns of blues, plum/mauve for purple, pinks and reds for black), and your natural coloring. 

Choose matte pigments for your eyes, and skin. The matte colors will reduce the appearance of shine. Grad gowns trap in sweat and humidity. Too Faced makes a great "matte eye kit," and eye shadow insurance makeup primer. 

Pack a mini makeup bag to take with you. Include powder, eyeliner, and lipstick.

If you, like me, enjoy standing out in crowd, amp up your academic regalia look with a statement necklace, and bold shoes.

 After all it is your graduation; why not show off your personal style.

Congratulation Grads!

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