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Monday, May 14, 2012

Horoscope: May 14- 20

You know that you are loved, when your friends and family sit through the name calling of over 1000 students to see you walk across a stage to pick up a "fake" diploma and shake the hand of Thane McCulloh the president of Gonzaga University. I am absolutely exhausted from the festivities of the weekend. The enormity of the event has yet to sink in. I am proud of my self for finishing my degree, and I am excited to embark upon a life rich with milestones and amazement. I am nervous for the future, and the obligatory unknown that accompanies traveling a path less wondered. In  the words of Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu; Young people do extraordinary things. We are all capable of the extraordinary. 

With that, happy Monday! Below are your Georgia Nicols horoscopes for May 14- 20. 
(And of course happy belated Mothers Day to all those who have given life, with out you none of my dream could exist. I love you mum!)

You're highly energetic and ready to claim to the world "I am!" You want to do your own thing, especially in love, romance, sports and amusements. Sex is hot because your physical nature is aroused, but your self-discipline is a little slack because you don't want to do what you don't want to do. (Oh well.) You do, however, feel quite competitive but probably playfully so. Meanwhile, back in the counting house where the King is counting out his money, financial opportunities exist for you this summer. You can easily borrow money and you might need to do this because you are certainly shopping for beautiful, lavish goodies. (You do love to collect your treasures.)
There's good news and there's bad news. The bad news is you might be aggressive at home or with family. Your impulse to fight with others is so instinctive (especially with parents or partners), you might act downright silly. (And you're not even embarrassed!) The best way to use this energy is to tackle home renovations or move your furniture around. Fortunately, the good news is stupendous. Fair Venus in your sign (for months) makes you charming and diplomatic, especially away from home. This is a great summer to enjoy friends, take a vacation and do whatever pleases you. Soon lucky Jupiter enters your sign, bringing you fabulous good fortune until the fall of 2013. (I wanna be a Gemini!)
There's no question everyone around you is surprised at how aggressive you are in all your communications. Your style is to be friendly and chatty, catching up on gossip over the neighbourhood fence, right? But this summer, you stand hands on hips, feet apart, ready to say what you mean and mean what you say! (Yikes.) Of course, the upside to this (aside from the arguments) is you're beautifully prepared to defend yourself. If you soften your defiance, your ability to sell, promote, write, teach and act is fabulous. Meanwhile, Venus will soften your energy even further by giving you opportunities to discover the joy and satisfaction in charitably helping others. (It's a Mother Teresa thang.)

Fiery Mars is a mixed blessing for you, dear Leo. It's making you spend money like it's going out of style, which (let's face it) is your style! But now you're doing it without apology. (Up at dawn waiting for the stores to open.) Actually, this is fun because you have always seen spending as a way of exercising your prerogative in life. (Partly this is because you identify strongly with what you own now. But, of course, you're not your bank account or your furniture; however, you are your car.) Ironically, the influence of Venus makes you want to socialize like mad, which spurs your drive to spend even more! Who lavishes more on their guests than you? (You're having fun, but it ain't cheap.)

You have never before in your lifetime felt Mars in your sign for so long. Mars rules your muscles and your blood (as well as your aggressive and sexual energy). This is why you feel so passionate! You might even literally quiver or tremble with passion. (No kidding.) Guard against coming on too strong with others or steamrolling over people. "Outta my way!" Instead, use this influence to work because your physical energy is high. You'll also benefit from outdoor exercise or working out in a gym. Meanwhile, Venus attracts romance with bosses and VIPs. You might also be asked for your creative take on things: design, layout, redecorating or PR matters. (You're so clever.)
Things are tricky for Libra. You might feel vaguely irritated with others. ("Jerks!") You might also find you're constantly in that classic yoga position of pulling your foot out of your mouth. (Great for hip flexibility.) Be aware of your self-defeating behaviour. Instead of confronting others, confront yourself! (I like to use a mirror.) What beautifully offsets this impulse this summer is your love of adventure. You want to experience something fresh and new! You want to travel, see art exhibits and discuss profound intellectual concepts over a good wine. People who are "different" intrigue you. By all means, get outta Dodge if you can because you need a change of scenery!

This Venus/Mars combo works well for you. (Did you phone in a request?) Although Mars makes you competitive, it gives you lots of energy to work co-operatively in groups. Yes, things can be touchy with friends but you're also a dynamo in classes, meetings or conferences. Everyone wants to be on your team. Do remember that you can easily achieve your goals now by working with others. Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, fair Venus sweetens your intimate personal relationships. ("Is that Opium you're wearing?") Sex goes beyond sex and becomes a vehicle for self-transformation. (This is so you.) Plus, gifts, goodies and favours from others will come your way all summer! Sweet!
Like Scorpio, you're looking pretty swell. For months fiery Mars is sitting at the top of your chart arousing your ambition. You're prepared to work hard - really hard - at whatever you want to accomplish. One caveat: You gotta be your own boss. This is great for your productivity as long as you don't threaten authority figures or co-workers. (Not really your style.) Nevertheless, avoid conflict if you can. (Anger serves no purpose other than to make everyone miserable.) Fortunately, Venus greatly ameliorates this aggression by sweetening all your relationships - love affairs, professional partnerships and even your enemies. In fact, many of you will encounter new love. (Be still my beating heart.)

Your love of travel is practically insatiable now. Since last year, you've been taking off for places unknown and this travel bug is not abating. (Don't even bother to unpack.) You're attracted to creative, intellectual work more than usual and might find yourself arguing about politics, religion and racial issues. You might be equally aggressive dealing with publishing, the media, medicine and the law. This is because you identify with your beliefs! Be careful because you could end up with egg on your face. (Ketchup helps.) Fair Venus will smoothe the way with co-workers and bring you praise and possibly a raise at work. Continue to study and learn what you can. (Did you know? In one day your blood travels about 12,000 miles and more if you eat doughnuts.)
Disputes about shared property, insurance matters, inheritances, taxes and debt are likely at this time. You'll be strong because you will definitely defend your turf. (Ya think?) Ironically, this same energy puts your gonads into overdrive. You feel hot and sexy! (Yes, deep down you're shallow.) This playful physical energy is fueled by fair Venus and its lengthy visit in your House of Romance. For you, this summer is all about fun, entertainment and having a good time. Love affairs, sports, vacations and playful activities with children will come first. You feel totally comfortable in your own skin.
Like Gemini, this Venus/Mars combo gives you good news and bad news. This unusually lengthy stay of Mars in Virgo completely opposes your sign. (Pisces and Virgo are 180 degrees.) Tres challenging! This creates unavoidable tension with partnerships and close friends. However, the upside is you will defend your own best interests and will not be disregarded or pushed around. (A healthy self-interest is a good thing.) The good news is this summer promises a warm and cozy relationship with family members. Relations with parents will be close as well. Real-estate dealings will be profitable. You'll enjoy redecorating where you live and you'll love entertaining at home.

Here's the scoop. You're taking considerable pride in whatever you do this year. Because of this, it behooves you to find work and get down to it! You'll definitely want the credit for whatever you do because you identify with your activities now. (You're not exactly a team player at the moment.) Fortunately, fair Venus soothes your words, making your dealings with your everyday world pleasant and light. In fact, you'll be surprised to discover how much love there is in your everyday surroundings. (Gosh.) Look for ways to make money from your writing and speech. Enjoy short drives or meandering walks because your appreciation of the beauty around you is heightened.

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