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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fit: Exercises to travel with


I spend a fair amount of time in hotel rooms and on the go. The amenities at a given "destination" are never constant. There might be no gym; or there might be a janitorial closet with a single 1980's exercise bike, and a stretch mat; or there might  be a state of the art 24/7 fitness and health center. Due to the unpredictability of fitness accommodations, and my own compulsive need to fit in a workout, I have taken to transforming and manipulating the setting of my hotel room to become my own personal fitness oasis. 

Hotel rooms are often liberally decorated with lights and mirrors. These simple features are perfect for a personalized workout because the mirrors help you concentrate on proper alignment and technique. My fitness inspiration, Tracy Anderson always stresses the importance of alignment and technique; because an exercise done right will not only produce targeted results faster but will also help prevent injuries.

Hotel rooms are always equipped with exercise props in the form of a chair, water bottles, and pillows. Many hotels, now provide DVD players, free wifi, and concierge service. The concierge can direct you on a great run route, or help you find a near by yoga studio. While staying at the Surf And Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, I took full advantage of the resorts fitness center and concierge advice for my cardio, yet choose to do my strength and toning exercises in my room overlooking the ocean. It was fabulous- and oh so relaxing. 

Fitness is a lifestyle, not something you can pick-up or drop when ever you want. To see results, and to gain the benefits of a fitter life you need to work at least 15 minutes a day of physical activity into your life. This is an easy 20 minute low intenity workout, that targets the gluts and leg muscles.

The first part is a warm up and light cardio. You will not need any equipment.

The Second Part focuses in on toning the tush and leg muscles. You will need a chair for this routine. 

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