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Saturday, May 19, 2012


There are very few activities that I despise more than driving. I find long drives painfully boring. There is not much mental or physical stimulation that happens behind the wheel. Music is my saving grace for long drives. For road trips I crave poppy sing a longs and energetic beats. On my drive back to Alberta from Spokane Washington I had Dragonette on repeat.

 I have been a fan of the Canadian band Dragonette since 2006. Their music is extra poppy with an ironic twist. The band produces up beat jams; with a hint of depth. The lead singer Martina Sorbara has the perfect pop vocal voice and can hit the sharp notes without fail. Martina Sorbara is the vocal hype behind Martin Solveig's hit songs. Dragonette always delivers; their songs have an emotional pull that makes them perfect anthem songs.

Easy one of my all time favorite tracks!

And the new Video for Let It Go

Dragonette's new single Let It Go, is summer 2012. Easy, fun, and on the verge of something great.
Check out Dragonette, and ad the band to your workout or road trip play list.

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