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Friday, May 4, 2012

List: Santigold

Santigold (Formerly known as Santogold) is BACK! And dropping mad dance inspired beats on her sophomore album, "Master of My Make Believe."

Santi White is Santigold, and American alternative pop singer, producer, and songwriter. "Master of My Make Believe," was released May 1st 2012 and is the follow up album to "Santogold." The album picks up on the hype and mystic elements presented in Santogold. Santi White describes the album as: "sonically electric, but with some epic curve balls thrown in. I wanted the album to be about creating your own reality."

Santigolds music video for her single: "Disparate Youth" off of her new album "Master of My Universe."

Santigold is the brilliance behind such pop hits as Ashlee Simpson's "Outta My Head," and Lilly Allen's, "Littlest Things. Santigold has been compared to MIA in the past- I think the comparison is unfair as Santi Whites musical ability, evolution, and ability to vocally explore the different universes of conflicting musical genres far surpasses that of MIA. MIA, is a talented artist who helped paved the way for a new wave of American Pop songstresses who are inspired by multicultural urban life. 

Santigolds tracks are poppy- Fun to listen too, and motivating to workout too. If you listen to the lyrics their depth camflouged between the bust a move beats. 

Check her out!

Satigold's music video for: "Les Artistes," off of "Santogold."

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