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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fishing For Abs

If just last week someone had told me that they dreamt of having: "A core like a fisherman," I would have laughed (much like a mad scientist on the eve on an evil discovery)... Or, I would have handed them a six-pack and told them to start drinking.

But; that was last week, before I was enlightened by the necessary athleticism that accompanies sport fishing. While at Rancho Leonero, I have joined my father on a few fishing (and toastada eating) expeditions. I personally prefer lounging by the pool and sipping margaritas while indulging my fantasies in a 50 Shades of Grey novel. Fishing is hard work, it takes mental strength as well as physical strength. Sport fishing is a full mind and body workout.

I was able to catch a rooster fish. He played a very frustrating game of tug-a-war with me. My arms, and my core are stiff and sore from the battle of wills mine vs. the fish. (The fish was released back into the ocean, and swam away with a smile on his face).

My fishing experience has made me grateful for my dedication to The Tracy Anderson Method. Without the daily core focused workout I would never have been able to put up a fight against the alarming strong rooster fish. Nor, would I be so proud to show of my "fisherman core" in a bikini.

For the core of a fisherman, I've posted my daily abs routine. Make it a part of your workout.  The workout is only 10 minutes.

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