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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Calm: Grounded and Stretched.

Only in the dictionary, does Success come before Work. Success is a result of a commitment to yourself and your goals. Success is not guaranteed, and does not come easy. If it did, success would be taken for granted; and we would feel entitled to the praise and reward associated with achievement. 

I am a Stress-A-Sourus-Rex, right now. I have midterms, life, my gmat, and a million little dudes inside my head pounding with a sledgehammer as they renovate my mind. I'm fighting the renovation; even though I know it is for my self betterment. 

When my life gets crazy, I have to remember to take to ground my self, breath, and stretch through the feeling of discomfort. In a work shop I attended with Christine Hassler, Hassler stressed the importance of making a priority a time to center yourself and breath through the demands of the day. I have been working on managing my priorities, and making a point of stretching more regularly. 

This is a short stretch routine, perfect for after a Tracy Anderson Workout, Ski Day, or simply a catalyst for relaxation. 

Melt into the stretches, and let go of any negativity holding you back. You are beautiful, capable, and kind. Success is waiting for you. 

Much Love!

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