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Monday, February 27, 2012

Horoscopes: Feb. 27- Mar. 4

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a fabulous, and relaxing weekend. Spokane got hit with a freak snow storm, and I was lucky enough to enjoy the 21 inches of fresh snow at Mt. Spokane. I love being outdoors, and on the slopes. It is such a freeing experience. I find that I often allow myself to be come tied down with make-believe stresses. When I find myself stressing about fictional "what ifs?" I have to remember to breath. With the gift of an extra day this month, allow your self the luxury of calmness. Take time to do something you love! 

Here are your Georgia Nicolls horoscopes, for the week (Feb. 27- Mar. 4). 


This continues to be a fabulous time for you where you can recharge your batteries for the rest of year because the powerful Sun is in your sign. However, Mercury retrograde might stir up financial problems for you. (Gulp.) On the upside, it could generate something positive where you used to work before or regarding something that you used to do to earn money. As retrograde Mercury continues, it will likely bring you into a strong contact with ex-partners in March. (This ain't gonna go away.) Get used to it. If you are looking for work, apply where you worked before or even applied before. Retrace your footsteps. (But wear new shoes.)
Since Mercury is going to go retrograde in your sign on March 11, act quickly if there are any important projects you want to begin. On the other hand, (you have different rings) you might look forward to the month of March as being a time where you will easily finish things and wrap up projects that are already on the go. This should be heartening news for you! You start so many things, you have lots of stuff that could be finished, if you care to do so. If this is the case - March is the month for you! You can finish construction projects or anything to do with hobbies or sewing. Perhaps this is one of the reasons you are going to boost your income in the next several months? (You find it easy to work hard now.)
Although Mercury retrograde is exasperating due to miscommunications, delays and transportation breakdowns, every Mercury retrograde can also be used to your benefit in some way. For Taurus, this particular Mercury retrograde will help you research anything up the yin yang, for sure! If there is something you want to know more about, or there are answers you are seeking or solutions you are striving for, you will likely be successful in March. You might also find yourself repeating something (like a tape loop) that you do in private or behind the scenes. This continues to be a popular time for you. Enjoy schmoozing with others, especially in clubs and groups.
With the Sun still high in your chart acting like a spotlight on you, of course bosses, parents and other VIPs notice you. However, you'll also find yourself running into old friends and contacts from clubs, groups and organizations that you used to belong to (or perhaps still do). Because you're so high viz right now, this could be one of the reasons old contacts can spot you! Enjoy these exchanges. It's good to have history with others. Plus you love to catch up on gossip. Tension at home still lingers for your sign, but by now you're learning how to practice patience. (Gemini is always a quick study.) Hey, can you play a few bars of Melancholy Baby?
Whoa Nellie! The month of March will be a bit off kilter because Mercury retrograde is at the top of your chart. Quite likely, you'll run into bosses, parents, teachers and VIPs you haven't seen for a while. This could be good or not so good depending on the circumstances. This also means if you wanted to make a pitch to someone in a position of authority, or you wanted to get permission or approval or make a great impression, March is a good time to do this if you have contacted these people before. In other words, it's your second kick at the can. You might be surprised at your good fortune! (Hey, you can't win if you don't buy a ticket.)
Travel anywhere in March will be tricky because Mercury retrograde will dog your steps causing delays and minor headaches. According to astrology, the best way to address this is to go someplace you've been to before. In other words, in a way you are going "backwards" by retracing your steps. During any Mercury retrograde time, going backwards is easy! This is also a great month to finish up a book, whether you're writing, editing or proofing it. It's an excellent time to finish anything related to higher education: your thesis, a big term paper, a study project. Reaching back into the past and finishing what is already on your plate will apply also to dealing with foreign countries and anything to do with the media. Good luck!
More than any other sign, you will find this Mercury retrograde is beneficial. (Of course, you won't get off the hook entirely.) Essentially, the month of March is the perfect time for you to wrap up loose details about bills, debt, taxes, inheritances, wills, estates and shared property. You'll be shocked at how easy it will be and how quickly things will be finished. I kid you not. This is how to work with Mercury retrograde. Admittedly, because Mercury retrograde causes delays and misplaced paperwork, some of this will occur. But it won't be a big deal. Continue to get as much rest as you can in the next month because you need it!
Because you're trying to be efficient plus you're working hard, the fallout of Mercury retrograde in March will not be a welcome thing because it will cause goofy mistakes and mixed-up communications. For sure, it will attract ex-partners and close friends from your past. (If running into an ex-partner is a bummer, get emotionally prepared for this. It's going to happen.) Fortunately, fair Venus, directly opposite your sign, sweetens your relations with others in the next few weeks. You can slide pretty far on this. Secret love affairs plus gifts and favours from others also stir the pot nicely. (Hmmm, secret love affairs and ex-partners are an interesting possibility.)
You're in a playful, romantic mood now, no question. Sports, fun times with children, and getaway vacations will all appeal to you. Actually, no wonder you want to escape on a vacation; Mercury retrograde will affect your employment scene for the next month. This means that communications, paperwork and details (including transportation) related to your job will be full of silly mistakes and delays. Deliveries will be made. (Let's hope this doesn't apply to paycheques.) On the upside, you might run into people you used to work with. There is definitely a quality of deja vu to your job. "Didn't this happen once before?" Am I starring in Bad Movie II?
Home, family and domestic matters continue to be your top priority. Nevertheless, your life could be interrupted because suddenly an old flame is back on the scene. ("Elvis!") Or perhaps you're rehashing old issues with ex-partners about the kids. (That's always fun.) In a different vein (other arm), the month ahead is a wonderful time for you to finish creative projects. Your ambition continues to be strong, and your chances to improve your job or get a better job also continue to be excellent! Just look good at all times in case you meet the ex-lover. (Living well is the best revenge.)


A busy time! Travel opportunities continue as well as wonderful opportunities in publishing, the media, medicine, the law and dealing with foreign countries. Chances to slip away on vacation or generate excitement through new love affairs and romantic involvements look good as well. Plus your kids are getting straight A's along with their straight teeth. But you know there's a "but" lurking, don't you? You're right. Mercury retrograde might bring relatives camped on your doorstep, sleeping on your sofa and eating out of your fridge. The good news is you might have a chance to re-open past real-estate deals that went sour. (This time they might work.)


This particular Mercury retrograde will challenge you because it affects all the things it's notorious for! Expect delays due to flat tires, dead batteries, missed buses, etc.) Your communications with others will also suffer. Lost paperwork, missed phone messages, goofy communications and blown appointments (you're waiting at one place and your friend is waiting in another) will be rampant in March. Just allow extra time for everything and stay on good terms with your sense of humour. Remember, you have much to look forward to in your home-and-family scene this year.

- Georgia Nicols

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