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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SEXXX: Vegan Aphrodisiacs

 Nothing says, "I Love You," like a good old fashioned primal response. Forget the roses, and think Oh. These vegan approved aphrodisiacs not only taste great but will help motivate you to make the move. Happy Valentines Day!

Dark Chocolate:
Is there a valentines day, or industry with out chocolate? Of course not. Chocolate is a Valentines day staple (along with wine) because of its "lovely" qualities. Chocolate contains anandaminde: a psychoactive feel-good chemical, and phenylethylamine: a chemical that encourages the feeling of excitement by its release of dopamine to the pleasure seeking brain. The Cacao of the chocolate also contains tryptophan which is an essential ingredient in the production of serotonin, (the happy chemical).

Aniseed and Licorice:
Aniseed a sweet licorice flavored spice, and licorice root of which both make the flavour of licorice. These sweet flavours are rumored to help increase female sexual desires.

The net negative caloric vegetable contains androsterone, and adrostenol. Two properties that insist in arousal.

Chili Peppers:
Chilie Peppers are loaded with capsaicin, a heat producing oil, which naturally stimulates circulation and endorphins. When you munch on a hot pepper, you immediately fell a rush of something...adrenelaline, sweat, increased heart rate, etc. The physical responses you may have to eating chilies mimics those you may fell when falling head over heels.

Cinnamon, like the capsaicin in chili peppers helps "warm up" the body. Cinnamon is also an anti inflammatory which helps neutralize blood sugar, and flatten problem areas.

Asparagus has been praised as an aphrodisiac since th3 1600's. Asparagus is full of potassium and folic acid. Folic acid increases the production of histamine. A necessary component for both sexes to climax.

 Basil, a member of the mint family, helps promote circulation of juices through out the body and "nether" areas. Basil, by increasing private circulation is believed to stimulate the sex drive.

 The sensually shaped fruit is regarded as a symbol of fertility in Hindu cultures. The sturdy shaped fruit is chock full of potassium and B vitamins, which help produce xxx hormones. Bananas also contain the male libido enhancing bromelain enzyme.

Red Wine:
Just a glass of the grape juice can help increase the body's blow flow; allowing you to better relax. Watch how much you drink though to much red wine will inhibit performance.

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