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Saturday, February 18, 2012

LSTN: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

I am loving The Asteroid Galaxy Tour right now. The Danish pop band, might sound commercially  familiar to your. The Band's single "Around The Bend," was used by apple for an Ipod Touch commercial in 2008. More recently Heineken Beer has picked up the bands single "The Golden Age." 

I love that companies are expanding their commercial art search. I personally believe that with all the advances in social media and information search that art, marketing, and corporate identity will be forced to blur. From an economic standpoint, it is a lot more thrifty to employ a hypothetically starving artist over the biggest name in pop culture. Plus when a unique Indy band is hired to front a product campaign the marketing efforts are less likely to be over shadowed by the star power of the said biggest name in pop culture. The band's presence is the Heineken commercial catches your ear, and is aesthetically complementary to the artistic direction of the commercial. The "Golden Age," made me take note of the commercial and definitely has me thinking more highly of Heineken Beer.  

The Asteroid Galaxy Tour has had tracks featured on TV show such as: Gossip Girl, Chuck, and Suits. In Addition the band is featured performing live in Anna Wintour documentary, "The September Issue."

The Asteroid Galaxy Tour is produced by Lars Iversen, and features Mette Lindberg as the vocalist. When performing live the due transcends into a six piece orchestrated band with a complete horn section. The tracks are soulful and poppy; combing a careless lounge vibe with modern dance beats. 

Check out, you'll like what you hear. 

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