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Friday, February 24, 2012

Bronzed: Sun Kissed Tan

For the most part, I embrace my exceptionally fair skin. From necessity, I have learned to love my pale skin. I would rather be pale any day that be sun-burt or be diagnosis with a skin cancer. I like being healthy, even if that means being pasty white. I don't like tanning beds. 

I have tried a self tanner lotion; only to end up looking like a zebra. 
I have tried a mystic spray tan; only to look ready for a stint on the circus. 
I had just about given up on faux tans, until I met Debbie Mucica, the owner of SunKissed Tan. Debbie is a certified airbrush technician who specializes in "Airbrush Body Bronzing." 

 I was a little apprehensive about the procedure. I was heading to California for a mini break, right after my spray tan, and I was some what scared of having a repeat self tanning horror story.  I was instructed to come to my appointment with clean dry skin, and loose clothes to wear afterwords. When I arived, Debbie quickly and successfully made me feel comfortable about the technology and what to expect. 

In the tanning room, I stripped down to my undies, (yes they left a tan line).  Debbie began carefully spraying me with the airbrush gun. Debbie is a masterful small talk artist, she has a true talent for making what theoretically is an uncomfortable situation, relaxing.  The whole process was a lot less awkward than I was expecting. The bronzing agent goes on easily, and the process is quick. 

I was surprised at how dark, I looked immediately after my spray tan. I was instructed to let the bronzer sit and develop on my skin overnight, and to use a rich body lotion to help preserve my tan. The bronzer felt a little heavy on my skin, but the tan looks incredible and natural. A spray tan is an instant pick me up, and uv free way to get some color. 

I'm happy with my faux tan, and I know that I will defenitly get another Sunkissed Tan

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