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Friday, February 3, 2012

Teaser: Superbowl 2012 commercials

The Superbowl is an American Holiday. That truly can be enjoyed by multiple audiences. Sport fans get their plays, marketers get their commercials, and everyone else gets awesome entertainment in watching or partaking in the shenanigans. Personally, I don't care about football. What I do love, is the commercials. The coveted commercial breaks of the Superbowl are the royal court of advertisement air time. Companies dish out millions of dollars for the 30 second time slot. With so much prestige on the line, no ad agency or advertiser wants to play a shit-tay commercial with bad 80's inspired voice over. The super bowl is the chance for advertiser to give-er  hell, showing of their best ads. 

The honor of being a super bowl commercial is huge, and the recognition for the being the best is like a championship ring for the creative concept team. The high costs of air time, and the often lavish expenses to produce a "Super Bowl Sunday" worth ad has companies paying top dollars for award winning directors, and personalities. This year, companies are leaking their super bowl commercials early, just to start a buzz. 

Check out a few of the teaser ads: 

The Adorable, Mr. Quiggly, for Sketchers.

The beautiful, David Beckham, for H&M,

And, the reclusive, Ms. Brown, for M&M's.

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