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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tone: Sleek Arms

Nothing screams that you are fit, and confident more than sleek and toned arms. Our arms are always busy, and almost always visible. Toned arms, look great in tank tops, tees, and long sleeve shirts. When arms are sleek, they refuse to be hidden; and they can wear every style so effortlessly. 

Besides the huge beauty and body confidence boost that having toned arms produces; its fun to know your own strength! Understand that you are a modern day super woman capable of anything life through at you. My arms, are my strength; and through them I constantly push myself and redefine my limitations. 

So much of our daily routine, and chores is reliant on upper body strength. Constantly being hunch over a keyboard, or glued onto a steering wheel can wreak havoc on our muscular alignment. By toning and strengthening our upper body muscles we can prevent lifestyle injuries while seemlessly flowing through life and its accompanying stresses. 

This is a simple arm workout, inspired by the Tracy Anderson Method, or as my friend Fiona calls her the "tiny blond devil". Follow along and focus on keeping your whole body actively engaged as you perform the movements. The routine is only 13 minutes. I know you can make the time. 

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