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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beauty: Sweat Proof your Hair

I always go the the gym looking cute in my lulu-lemons, and leave looking like a swamp monster. It is a pretty incredible transformation. After a great sweat sesh, I can usually easily "clean my self up" with fresh make-up and a change of clothes. My hair after a workout is, well, just typically unfixable. If I take the pony tail out; I'm left with a huge crimp where my elastic was, and if I leave the pony in place; I'm stuck fighting with all the fly-a-ways. 

In need of a solution, I contacted Stephanie Kocielski, and amazing stylist and the VP of education for Paul Mitchell systems. She was kind enough to share some tips of gym proofing your hair.  She says that after a workout it's about reducing oils, and moisture from your hair. Her after sweat hair trick is simple, and takes maybe 5 minutes. 

After a workout, take down your pony tail and flip your head upside down. Comb out the tangles, and apply Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lemon Sage spray. The spray works like a dry shampoo. It freshens up the scalp, smells delicious, and sucks up the excess oil from your hair. Once the spray is on, quickly add some heat. If your at the gym, flip your head under the hand dryers ore use a normal blow dryer. This will activate the product, and make your hair fresh for re-styling. Once the product is dry, style it as you wish! 

HUGE DIFFERENCE! SO impressed. This trick is quick, easy, and AMAZING. The only product I have in my hair is the Tea Tree Spray. 

Thanks Stephanie, I know this trick will be my after workout staple from now on.

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