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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beauty: Hair RX

My hair is just coming out of a "recovery crisis." I put my hair through a lethal injection of peroxide, products, and hair extensions. I'm not stylist; and before my hair OD I new almost nothing about hair care. Now, Thanks To Stephanie Kocielski, and Paul Mitchell Systems, I'm learning to take better care of my hair through preventative action, and gentle styling agents. 

I'm a huge fan of Paul Mitchell, because the vast majority of their products are vegan, and environmentally progressive. Paul Mitchell uses a lot of natural oils, like tea tree, to enhance their products. I miss having super long (fake) hair. I want my hair to grow. Ideally I would like my hair  to be Marcia Brady steezey long. I asked Stephanie Kocielski, (VP of education for Paul Mitchell), if there was a way to make your hair grow faster, and here is her advice:

Hair growth, starts with health. To promote healthy hair use  natural based product. Stephanie recommends: the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo. The Tea Tree oil invigorates the scalp; and will tingle pleasantly like a  low-cal peppermint patty. Then condition. For optimal hair revival: Give your self a break from  the daily shampoo routine. Try washing your hair every other day, or once every three days.

Healthy hair, is a reflection of overall health. For luscious locks, it important to eat a diet rich in proteins, b vitamins, and omega oils. Some of the best vegan proteins include: Arborio rice, tempeh, tofu, quinoa and mushrooms. 

To really get the "Marcia Brady" look, you have to do the Marsha Brady OCD hair brush routine. When you really brush your hair, you increase the circulation in you sculpt. Most hair oils gets stuck at the roots. Which is why, often hair will look greasy at our roots and crocodile dry at our ends. (Yes, ombre is in style, and is sticking around for spring but Ombre is about shades not effed up textures.) A good hair brush, along with a good brushing, helps pull down the natural oils from our scalp to our ends to help quench their dehydration. 

You can still get great style out of your hair, even when the wash isn't fresh. Stephanie shared with me this amazing cheat to amp up style after: a day on the slopes,  a workout,  house work, etc. This trick provides  easy volume, at no effort. 

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