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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beauty: Cat Eyes

Cat eyes are: a bold, sophisticated, and sexy look. That are stunning on all shapes and sizes of eyes. Many ladies, myself included, fear replicating the sassy look on themselves because they claim to lack the artistic intent required to pull off the look. Creating a bold yet beautiful cat eye is easy. A classic cat-eye is a perfect compliment to showoff your stunning complexion. Spring beauty is all about a bold yet natural look. Fresh made fierce. The trick with drawing cat eyes, is to be patient, and to work step by step.  

First you will want to prime your eyelids. A primer will just neutralize the color variation of the skin. A primer will also help keep eyeshadow and eye liner fresh longer.

Use a light neutral color to highlight the inner corner of your eye, and a darker neutral to lightly couture. Blend the colors together to maintain a very light and neutral eye. 

Once a base shadow is applied you can start working the cat-look. You will need a strong liner. I like to use a liquid liner, however liquid liners are unforgiving. Make-up artist; Shalaine Howell, recommends starting with a pencil, or a shadow liner. Find a thin angled brush and coat it with eye liner. Starting just above the pupil of your eye draw a line on an upward slant. Fan the line out about 1/4 inch.  

Once the line is winged out, you will need to bring the line back by drawing a little triangle to connect the lower eyelid and the upper eyelid. This is a trick to custom fit the cat look to your eye shape. Use a blending brush to help enhance or soften the look. You can play with the thickness of your eyeliner. 

For a more dramatic cat eye, line your inner eye lid after you have winged out your liner. You will want to line your inner eyes at different angle. Carefully using the slanted brush dust a fine line under your lashes. This will create an illusion of a larger and wider eye. 

If you need to mute the look gently blend in another layer of eyeshadow. 

Mascara is the ultimate icing for the feline look. You will want to curl your lashes. You can do this by bending your mascara wand to give it a curl. (Eyelash curlers, crimp the lashes which can accidentally cause the lashes to break.) When applying mascara start in the center of your eye and fan out the brush, being mindful to reach all of your lashes. If you mess up, weight for the mascara to dry  before rubbing it off to avoid smudging your makeup.

On your bottom lashes you will just want to separate the lashes and then lightly coat with mascara. 

And Voila, Your eyes look stunning!

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