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Sunday, September 18, 2011

JuMp- Tramp it up.

The cardio machines at the gym can get dull fast. Even with my favourite tunes playing I space out for entire work outs. Yes, we can receive benefits through "exercise blackouts," but the black outs prevent us from ever reaching our exercise goals.

An easy way to spice up a work out is to add some jumping movements. Plyometrics (jumping) stimulate the fast twitch muscles in our legs which burn more calories while evenly strengthening leg muscles. Jumping movements train the body to absorb impact this in turn leads to stronger and increased bone mass. Preventing osteoporosis.

In a recent study by the American Journal of Sports Medicine, researches found that athletes who incorporated plyometrics into their workouts improved their balance, and reduced injuries. Most typical form of cardio (Cardio Machines) primarily exhaust quad muscles. Jumps require response from both hamstrings and quads: resulting in a more even muscular structure. The more balanced our legs muscles are the more protected our knees.

Mini-trampolines are incredible. Put on some music, follow a cardio workout and just jump. You'll be beat and energized in just half an hour. Tracy Anderson's tramp workout is constantly on my play list. Check it out, and tramp it up.

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