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Friday, February 10, 2012

LSTN: Lana Del Rey

I'm loving the new album by Lana Del Rey. It's funky, edgy, and poppy. Del Rey has been described as a "self-styled gangster steezed Nancy Sinatra."

Del Rey's voice, is deep and textured and her lyrics are written in a modern classical prose style. The album is diverse; complete with jazzy up beat tunes and with intimate ballads. I love it.

Elizabeth Grant, AKA, Lana Del Rey crafted her stage for purpose and aninimity. The name is inspired by the glamour and destruction found at the seaside. Del Rey wanted a name that she could use as tool to shape her music.

Lana Del Rey signed with Interscope records, and Polydor in October 2011. Around the same time she released her debut single, "Video Games," online. The response to the song was overwhelming. Lana Del Rey's album, "Born to Die," is incredible. I have it on repeat constantly...and it makes a great TAM mat workout soundtrack.
Check out the Video for, "Video Games."

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