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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tone: Heart Shaped Tush For Valentine's.

St. Valentine, was a martyred saint. The legend goes, that St. Valentine suffered a tragic death after a forbidden love affair. His heart was put on display, as a sacrifice and caution to the villagers. One of the more believed reasons explaining why a heart is the symbol of valentines day. 

The modern, graphic of a heart, bears no resemblance to that of a functioning living heart, (or St. Valentine's heart).  The commercialized graphic is a symbol that was inspired by the shape of a woman's derriere. With the tail of the heart, being a woman's lean and shapely legs. A toned tush, is beautiful and this workout will help tone your tush to heart perfection by Valentines Day.

I'm on day nine of my "cleanse," and I'm finding my energy a little lower than usual. I'm following the Tracy Anderson Method Diet, and the recipes are easy and tasty.  This workout is not demanding however it will kill your a$$. For best results make sure you stay focused on your cardio, and change up your play list. 

Happy Valentine's Day, prep everyone!

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