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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Want: Ashley Watson Bag

I first heard of Ashley Watson, recycled leather bags, when I was window shopping my favourite Vancouver fashion boutique, One of a Few. I feel in love immediately, and have been coveting the Heron Bag ever since. As a vegetarian/vegan, I often struggle with maintaining a consistent attitude towards the use of animal products. I'm a girly girl, and love my purses, my shoes, and heated leather car seats. I've rationalized my consumption and have modified by attitude so that I can happily tote around the purse of my dreams. Ashley Watson, and her collection of recycled and up-scaled leather bags and accessories, erases my consumption dissonance toward leather goods. Each of her designs are made entirely from recycled leather; weather it be old jackets, pants, skirts, etc.

Ashley, got into designing and making purses out of recycled leather almost by mistake. She wanted a new bag, and only had an old leather coat to work from. Ashley originally worked with new materials, but was inspired and captivated by the unique, natural, and of a kind personality that the recycled bag possessed. To own an Ashley Watson bag, is a fashion statement, and a statement of sustainability. If you own an Ashley Watson Bag, you are guaranteed of being the only purses in the entire universe with that exact bag.

Ashley, makes each purse by hand, and is able to offer a competitive price for her artistry. Her bags range in price from the $200- $400. Her bags, are quality made, and her background in art, and fashion is prevalent in all of her designs. She has a unique talent of understanding how a purse hangs on a woman, and the ideal slouch.

Ashley Watson, also designs and makes jewelry. Her jewelry collections, is ornate, eclectic and vintage inspired. Ashley designs have a sophisticated simplicity to them. They are dressy and casual simultaneously. As a fashion junky, I appreciate how Ashley designs each piece to complement a look. Her design know how to be both center stage and supporting. I'm excited to follow Ashley's career.

I am saving up for the Flicker Bag, I think it is fabulous (above) . I love it! It's massive yet compact. An ideal day bag for the girl on the go, with a million and one things on her to do list. Ashley Watson bags are available for sale at select boutique across Canada and the States; including One of a Few in Vancouver, and Plenty in Hood River Oregon.  Check out more of Ashley Watson's designs for sale on her web boutique, or to find a reseller near you.

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