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Friday, February 17, 2012

Ski: Red Mountain, Rossland BC

Today it seems that so many ski towns are a variation of the intrawest cookies cutter model. The towns are all shiny and new. The ghost of the old land fill that once was before the influx of condos and hotels is a distant mummer silenced by the noise of memories in the making. 

Rossland BC, is not your cookie cutter ski town. And Red Mountain is not your typical ski resort. Rossland BC is tucked away in the Canadian Kootenays. Rossland is a world of its own, just 3 miles north of the US boarder. Rossland BC was a town long before it became a skiers haven. Rossland was originally settled in the 1800's during the gold rush. In 1897, Rossland was one of the largest cities in Western Canada. In the early 1900's, some Rossland local, who might have been perceived loco, realized that the Monashee Mountains with the combination of excessive winter precipitation would make for ideal ski conditions. Red Mountain ski club, and now resort was born. 

Red Mountain, is not your typical ski resort. With a rustic charm, and older lifts its easy to make the mistake of discrediting the resort. The lifts are slow at Red; the difference being that you're grateful for the chance to catch your breath after skiing nearly 3000ft of vert. Red Mountain, is dream for the advanced skier. With fluffy pillows, dreamy cliffs, and stunning views of the entire Kootenay Valley, Red Mountain will seduce you with one turn. 

Red Mountain, doesn't have the constant ewwing and awing attention of the glitteratii ski resorts. Red Mountain doesn't need to create hype about their terrain park, or their restaurants. The mountain speaks for it self. Loudly. 

Red Mountain, and Monashee Mountains of interior British Columbia are kept private. They are the Mountains that the shred elite holiday at.

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