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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Revived: Extinction

The impossible is possible! This scientific break through fills me with a warm fuzzy-ness of joy and possibilities. I am so excited that through science, researchers have been able to bring back the deeply frozen/presumed extinct. I am in a state of re framing my life, in a quest to maximize my productivity and to find my definition of success.  This breakthrough proves that success is possible through an effort of rephrasing the problem and developing a mentality of high involvement and low attachment. (To steal a phrase form Christine Hassler.) Through active involvement, problem recognition and solving techniques can be developed and refined without emotional heart ache; which causes a lack of focus on the actual goal. 

Extinction, might soon find it self extinct due to modern science. Russian Researchers have successfully revived an ancient plant that has been on hiatus for the past 32,000 years. The fruit awoken was found buried 124 feet deep amongst prehistoric squirrel in Siberian Ice.The resurrected fruit plant, is the oldest viable multi cellular living organism and the only living organism thus far that had been revived from a state of permafrost; according to a study published early this week by the "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences."

Scientists are ecstatic by the possibilities of specie re-introduction via vegetation that this latest green thumb break through inspires. Approximately 20% of the earth is covered by permafrost, Canada, Russia, Alaska, and Antarctica have the largest reserves of permafrost. This scientific breakthrough could help us to not only revive extinction but to improve our understanding of prehistoric times, and ice age vegetation. The Ice, holds unknown and unclassified potential. The discovery made by science raises the possibility of reviving other frozen organism with prehistoric gene pools.

The prehistoric plant was brought back to life, via a horticulture technique called micropropagation. Researchers were able to grow the plant from the fruits tissues in a test tube rich with nutrients. The sprouted prehistoric plants were then transferred into modern pots where they continued to grow, and flower.

The blooming of this prehistoric plant, is symbolic in a sense that disproves impossibilities. To bring back a species from extinction is possible, Thus proving that no goal is truly impossible. Dream Big!

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