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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Free Smiles

It has been just over a week, since my fabulous retreat in Laguna Beach, with "20 something, 20 everything," author/expert Christine Hassler. During the workshop, I made a contract with myself. The contract, is a step by step action plan, that will help me stay grounded, motivated, and open to opportunities. I have been taking my self improvements seriously. I've got my self a proper note book; to record my to-dos, want to-do's, wish to do's, and have to do's. It's been eye opening to realize just how busy a plain Jane of a day can be. From a self organization standpoint; the to-do list have been helpful.

In Spokane, there is a friendly spirit who begs for smiles. Every time I drive past him, he makes me smile. When I offer him change, he will kindly decline and say: "That I have already paid him with a smile."

Inspired by the smile beggar, while in a quest to better ground myself, so I can enjoy the present. I have been making more of an effort to smile. To smile at strangers, acquaintances, friends, and enemies. The gift of a smile, cost me nothing. I have been surprised to find just how much more open I am to people and my surroundings from the simple act of smiling. To really see someone, and smile at them, is to remove all the masks that we ware and to surrender to the moment. The surrender, makes me feel vulnerable, timid, and scared. For some reason I am afraid to see. I think that in situations of emotional high steaks, I like to volt my insecurities and vulnerabilities away; so that I can never be hurt or rejected.

A smile is free, and everyone has their masks they wear for protection. I am happy with myself, and by sharing a smile with others I can help share my appreciation with others. A smile contagious, it feels good, and it gets passed on. A smile, instantly lifts your face: making you more radiant, and more open to new experiences. Take a risk, and smile at a stranger, a friends, or any one just in need of some love.

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