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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Read: Rules of Civility

In a world before Gossip Girl, the allure and secrecy of the Upper East Side of Manhattan was just as intoxicating. Rules of Civility is a novel written by Amor Towles that follows Katey Kontent the daughter of Russian immigrants as she climbs the hypothetical and very real steps of New York society.

Rules of Civility, begins new years 1937. Where Katey and her boardinghouse room-mate are lounging at a dive jazz bar stretching their $3 as far as possible, when  smouldering sexy, and sophisticate young banker, Tinker Grey, joins in on their new years celebration.

Infatuated with the lifestyle and the characters of New York Society; and life changing circumstances, Katey leaves her secretarial pool and begins her journey of navigating through the foux, fake, and real. Where her desire to believe the presentations, isolates her from the truth of the circumstances.

Rules of Civility, is a reflection of time and place. It is a collection of memories that in turn make a person. The poise secured by wealth, is nothing but a facade; and the dream of importance's is over shadowed by insecurities. Rules of Civility is titled after the rules George Washington described as decent behaviour.

Amor Towles; debut novel, is reads as easily as a dirty martini. Rules of Civility, transported me to a different place and time, so well described I could smell the fresh leather of the chauffeured Bentley. Towles writes with rich language that is embelished by his wit and wisdom. The cast of characters that Towles introduces are all lovable despite their flaws. After all, one can only climb with the help of others. It is the commitment to self truths that allows for grace and success to flow, regardless of the setting.

I highly recommend reading "Rules of Civility," A drama-rich read loaded with scandal.

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