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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Waterproofed Tech: Liquipel!

I have ruined, many electronic devices by over familiarizing them with water/liquid. I have a bowl of rice permanently on call for my tech emergencies. I'm not sure if placing your soaked phone in a bowl of rice is anything more than IT myth...but the placebo effect comforts me in a strange way. Fortunately my clumsiness is being saved by a company who has master the ultimate cell phone life-jacket.

A company called "Liquipel," out of Southern California has found a viable solution for preventing phone amnesia from water damage. The company has developed an innovative water proof coating for electronic devices. The coating is unnoticeable. With it on, an electronic devices is protected from the elements. No hard protective case required. The Liquipel casing protects the entire electronic device; including all the vital cellular organs. 

Liquipel technology is available for all makes of cell phones, and the enhanced durability of your devices will virtually erase all tech related worries. Currently Liquipel is only available for devices through their website. However the company is looking to align itself with smart phone manufactures to further innovate the durability of electronic devices and to gain a consumer presence in the smart phone market. 

To waterproof your device with Liquipel is surprisingly inexpensive. The spa treatment for your phone has a starting price of $60 dollars. The only downside is a forced hiatus between you and your phone.   

Personally, I see Liquipel as a consumer and manufacturer asset; the company is in a growth stage and as the need for super durable electronic devices heightens so will the demand for Liquipel. A company I am eager to follow. 

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