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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beauty Revised

Beauty ruts are bummer; for some crazy reason we all tend to get stuck in black hole of beauty don'ts and regrets. Whenever I start to feel down on myself or my look, I first make a mental note of what I like about myself, and then I frame my wishful look improvements in a positive statement. Getting out of a beauty ruth is easy, as long as you are gental on yourself.

To freshen up your look can be as simple as going trough old photos. Check your tagged Facebook photos and make a note of the pictures you like your look in. If you like your hair a certain style or yourself in a particular color incorporate that look more into your present style.

Clean your cell phone, ever notice that one side of your face is a little more mountainesk than the other. Chances are that you will have more zits on the side of your face in which you hold your phone. Cell phones are thrown in our bags and pockets, and they are dropped in who know what. Cell phones are covered in germs, which then make contact with your face causing breakouts. Wipe your phone off with a cleansing anti-bacterial cloth, or baby wipe at once a week to help keep cell phone germs off of your face.

 Say no to moisturizer without spf, the best anti-aging remedy is prevention. Keep your skin young by protecting it from uv a, and uv b rays. Yes A tanned sun kissed appearance looks nice now, but it will prematurely age your skin.

Experament with "beauty dares" Bright red lips, Crazy eyelashes, funky hair accessories...etc. A bold look can boost your confidence and encourage a sense of play and creativity that can be translated into other areas of your life.

Brush your eye-brows and your eyelashes to get a more defined and a natural look. Neat and tidy eyebrows can instantly transform your face. Freshly combed eye lashes can help to define your eyes and make your lashes appear longer.

Grow up your skin care regime; as you age your skin requires different nourishment. The acne tough products of your teens could be flipping off your more sensitive mid 20's skins, ect. Not to mention it is never to early to start using an eye cream. Try to find time to figure out an appropriate ski care routine for your age and skin type.

Attone for bad hair health; get regular trims, take a hair strength supplement, and add in a once weekly deep conditioning treatment.

 Watch out for bad habits. Smoking causing wrinkles, over drinking causes dehydration, and puffy skin, bad diets and crash diets can cause hair loss and a yellowing of skin pigmentation.

Stop Picking! ( I'm bad for this), A zit might be annoying but compared to a massive scab it is unnoticeable.

Get your sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep try calming down with some rental breathing exercises. An eye mask can be a useful tool in helping block out any visual distractions preventing sleep.

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