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Friday, January 20, 2012

SWEAT: Odorless

I'm back at school, and just starting my last semester. Crazy, I can't believe how fast my degree has gone by. I drove down for Banff Canada, to Spokane Washington on Tuesday. The drive wasn't horrific, but the snow did follow me down. Usually when it snows I am so eager to get out of the house and go up to the mountain. The responsibility of being a professional student blocked me from ditching class and heading for the slopes. So for the past few days, I have some what hibernated in my apartment. Terrified of loosing my prime, covered parking spot.

With my car parked cozy, I have had the TV on a bit more than usual. Yesterday I was watching The Revolution on ABC. The episode had a theme of sweat. I learned, from Dr. Jennifer Ashton: that sweat itself is usually odorless. What gives sweat it's odor is the bacteria living on our skin, and the toxins needing to be sweated out. Most people sweat in more places than just under their armpits. We all have sweat glands, everywhere on our bodies. Sweat Glads are one of the main distinguishing features of humans from canines and other fur covered animals. Canines need to pant to release body heat; while we just need to sweat. If you are embarrassed of your over-active sweat system you can use deodorant or anti-persperant in any problem areas. (Anti-perperant is also really helpful at preventing ingrown hairs.)

My gym clothes don't always smell fantastically fresh, like a bouquet of freshly picked roses. On the contrary my gym bag can smell pretty barf-tastic. A super easy way to rid odors from fabrics as adapted by Dr. Ashton, is to mix equal parts unflavoured vodka, and water in a spray bottle. Then spritz. The alcohol in the vodka kills the bacteria and the water dilutes the vodka enough to slow down the rate in which the alcohol in the vodka evaporates allowing the bacteria to attacked more forcefully.

Any brand of Vodka works, use whatever you have at home. 

The vodka and water odor fighter is incredible. It works like a charm, and is a natural easy to make at home alternative to chemical heavy commercial fabric odor fighters.

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