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Friday, January 13, 2012

On the Go- Beauty

I'm on the go once again, this time for a more extravagant social cause and event. The Banff Springs Hotel, and Sunshine Village Ski Resort is alive with celebrities, environmentalists, and socialites all in town for a fun weekend to help raise funds for Bobby Kennedy's water keepers alliance.   It is a struggle to balance beauty and activity, while traveling light.   

Packing for a jet set weekend, or for an extended stay, imagination, resourcefulness, and an understanding that you will probably forget mega beauty players in the process. Packing your beauty kit for the holidays or vacays does not need to be a nasty battle of stress. 

When on the go, think "The Bear Necessities," and pack your beauty bag according to these simple rules:

Prioritize an items practicality, relevance, versatility, and lightness. 

Think Practicality, centralize all your beauty products into one bag, (preferably with clear, compartmentalized pouches).
 Ask your self if the items you are packing can work for both day and night. If not; re-think practically. 

Remind yourself of the relevance of a particular product. Do you really need that third bottle of mousse? Say, "To hell with the superfluous!" and think about the basic product need. Leave behind the trendy colours, and pack the basics. Concealer, blush, lipstick, mascara, and brushes. Work from the skeletons to put together an easily transformable day to night look. 

The more versatile a product, the more use a single item has, the less cluttered your beauty bag will be. Pack multi use products. 

Make up bags can get fat quick, for easy travel be cautious of the weight of your beauty bag. A Lighter bag is easier to carry and complies better with airline security. Carry-on requires a 3 oz or 100 ml limit for all liquids. I like to stock up on sample sizes of my favourite creams, perfumes, and hair care. The sample sizes take up less space, and are just as refreshing. (Go to Sophora, Alta, or any department store and just ask for a sample. Often the girls at the make up counter are very willing to let you try a test size of any product.)

Airplanes and cars are notoriously dry. Any change/increase in elevation can cause muscle and leg swelling.
To reduce travel discomfort  I like to prep my self with:
A cool eye mask, to prevent eyelid inflammation before dozing off. 
Menthol or campor ointment to promote circulation in swollen legs.
And a mini hydro face spray in your carry on to help combat the dry cabin air. 

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