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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where is Wikipedia?

In an act of protest against SOPA, The Stop Online Piracy Act, Jimmy Wales a co-founder of Wikipedia has made the decision to suspend Wikipedia from Internet for 24 hours  which started at midnight of January 18th. Wikipedia is one of the most trafficked sites on the Internet; with millions of hits a day.

Wikipedia is non-profit online encyclopedia; which is able to provide free information to searchers because of a freedom of information. If you were to go to wikipedia today, you will get a black screen with a message playing on pathos. In an attempt to frighten Internet users of the consequences of SOPA.

The Internet has huge piracy issues; intellectual property is hard to own and harder to prove the how the concept was conceived. A site like wikipedia does offer a public service. I believe that artistic endeavours and expressions need to protected. Yet I also greatly appreciate the ease of finding information online thanks to Wikipedia.  I'm not sure what my stance in on SOPA, or how the piracy act will further develop in public hearings and proceedings. I do hope that Wikipedia stays available to web searchers.

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