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Monday, January 16, 2012

Horoscope: Jan.16- 22

Once Again, Happy Monday. 2012 is swing, and so far moving nicely. For the past week I have been involved with a wonderful fundraiser at Sunshine Village which has been raising money for The Waterkeepers. Growing up in Banff, I never truly realized how lucky I was to be immersed in the Rocky Mountains, until I travelled else wear only to see nature less stunning and madly polluted by human waste. The Waterkeepers in an organization that is important to me, because with out care for the natural grace of our world; there is no care for  us. 

So in the spirit of commitment to resolutions here are your weekly Gorgia Nicols Horoscopes. 

Glory hallelujah! The Sun has finally returned to your sign, which means it's your turn to recharge your batteries for the rest of the year. Not only will you find yourself highly energized and feeling happier in general, but you will notice that important people and favourable circumstances seem to be coming your way! Quite literally, this is the meaning of "make hay while the sun shines." (OK, it means something else in the prairies but you get my drift.) You'll also be spending money on beautiful things for yourself and loved ones. This is no surprise because you're committed to making your home and your family relationships as wonderful as they can be this year. "More shortbread, anyone?"

This is a great month for you to buy wardrobe items because you like what you see in the mirror. You're diplomatic and charming because fair Venus is in your sign, so you'll enjoy schmoozing. Go dancing! Buy new shoes or boots! However, despite your desire for fun socializing, you also need time alone in the next month. Respect this need for solitude. Hide somewhere to catch your breath and mentally, psychologically and emotionally regroup. Because your birthday is just a month away, this is the perfect time to strategize what you want your new year to be. Be specific in your expectations. Write down some goals. What are three things you want to embrace in your new year? (Well, besides that.)

In the month ahead, you'll enjoy socializing more! Resolve to get out and schmooze with others. Join clubs, groups and associations. Take a class. Since you'll be more aware of your goals in the month ahead, talk about your hopes and dreams for the future with others because their feedback will help you. Others might give you important contacts, names or beneficial introductions. Since you have opportunities to boost your income in the next 18 months, start to be aware of how you can do this. You're not living in a vacuum. Join forces with others to see how you can get more done - and faster! (We both know you're willing to work hard.)

During the next six weeks, the Sun will slowly travel across the top of your chart acting like a spotlight on you. This is the only time all year this happens, so make the most of it! Furthermore, this spotlight flatters you. ("Are you ready for your close-up, Miss Garbo?") It makes you look unusually competent to those in positions of authority like bosses, parents, teachers, VIPs and the police. That's why the next month is the time to make your pitch! Present your agenda. Ask for approval for whatever you want. Get permission from the powers that be to go forward with your plans. Since vacations appeal to you now and in the next few months, ask for time off.

As the Sun changes signs, your desire to travel in the next six weeks will increase dramatically. You want to see more of the world because you want to increase your experience of life! This means you want to expand your horizons through travel or study. You're unusually open to new adventures, unusual ideas and exploring religious and philosophical concepts. You'll enjoy talking to people from different backgrounds and other cultures. The month ahead is also a wonderful time to make headway in publishing, the media, medicine, the law and anything to do with higher education. Take a course! Learn a new language! Remember: Sight is a faculty, seeing is an art.

You've been focused on securing your home base through residential moves or repairing and renovating where you live. You want a solid base from which to operate. (Of course! You're a nester.) Naturally, this takes money and juggling resources, bills, taxes, debt and, possibly, insurance matters. In the next six weeks, focus on cleaning up whatever you can in these areas. Read a financial book on how to reduce your debt. Get tips about taxes, handling your expenses and dealing with shared property. You might have to work with someone whose values differ from yours. (Grrr. Not always easy.) Get on the ball because the early bird gets the coffee left over from last night.

This is the only time all year when the Sun is as far away from you as it ever gets. However, the Sun is your source of energy. This is why you need more sleep in the next month. Just accept this and do yourself a favour by accommodating your need for more rest. (Fortunately, romance is very sweet and affectionate, so it might be easy to stay in bed.) Incidentally, the one time of year when the Sun is opposite your sign is your best opportunity to learn more about your closest relationships. Use this advantage. Observe your style of relating to close friends and partners. How can you be more patient, considerate and worthy of getting great gifts from these people?

Because Mars is in your sign and the Sun is moving through the part of your chart ruling employment, you have the energy and motivation to accomplish an enormous amount, in any task you're doing but especially in your job. Mars boosts your energy and the Sun motivates you to be as efficient, effective and productive as possible. Capitalize on this! Make lists of what you want to do and get down to it. Don't be stingy. Give yourself the right tools to do a fantastic job. Buy cleaning supplies, shelving, file folders, bookcases, tools, paint or whatever you need to make your work easier. You'll create a better finished product. Yes!
While Virgos are busting their buns, you have an entirely different motivation. In the next six weeks, you want to par-tay! By all means, get away on a vacation if you can. You'll enjoy fun excursions, social activities, the theatre, the arts, sports and playful times with children much more than usual. You want to inject romance into your life. Some of you will meet new romance while others will reignite existing relationships by "dating" and enjoying candlelight dinners and champagne moments. Work-related romances might also begin. The secret to using the Sun to your advantage is to know when to hold and when to fold. It's time to play!
You're active with groups - competitively or delegating their efforts -nevertheless, your focus now swings to home, family and your private life. Grab every opportunity to hunker down at home and feel cozy. Enjoy any moment of privacy you can squeeze in. You'll find memories from your childhood will be resurfacing. This is a great time to organize family photo albums and get in touch with family members. You'll enjoy entertaining at home as well as cocooning in your bedroom or den. Many of you will be more involved with a parent. (My parents turned out pretty good; how about yours?)
You're busy! In the month ahead, you will hit the ground running. Just accept this accelerated tempo and get with the program. You've got things to do, places to go and people to see. Plan on taking short trips, doing mucho errands plus reading, writing and studying more than usual. But life will be exciting! You have so much going on in so many fronts at the same time. Gasp. (Gen. Patton had nothing on you.) Fortunately, because your ambition is aroused, you're up for this. You're also interested in redecorating where you live and entertaining friends and loved ones. Hot tip: If you put out fresh flowers, you don't have to dust.

This continues to be a wonderful time of harvest, which means you see what is working and you see what is not. It's that simple. But you are empowered! You are definitely motivated to travel anywhere you can, and you'll have opportunities to do so. In fact, these opportunities will cause you to focus on your earnings, cash flow and how to get the best use out of what you already own. Take stock of your assets. In the month ahead, you will give much thought to your value system. It's important for you to identify what really matters in life so you don't miss it. ("Oh no! I forgot to have children.") You're also appreciating the beauty of your daily surroundings more than usual. This is a lovely bonus.

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