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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Weekly Horoscope: Jan 2-8

Well Happy New Years, and "reset" month. I like routines, and I have this need to always fit in my blog and my workout in to a daily routine. Yesterday proved impossible and unfeasible to do so. I could feel my anxiety and frustration at the disruption of routine rise; until I realized that January 1st offers a reminder to activate a personal improvement reset switch. For 2012, I hope to swing with the punches better and allow my routine to camouflage into its time and location restricted environment. My daily workout and blog is crazy important to me, however if my setting prevents me form performing my routine compulsion I have to remember that it is OK. I can catch up tomorrow. I spent all day yesterday traveling back from MIA to YYC. 

Happy New Years, and good luck with your minor/ major new years resolutions!

This year you will have a strong feeling of general well being. You'll be highly creative, enthusiastic, and eager to make your surroundings (at home or your workplace) more elegant. In fact, you're prepared to lie out some serious coin to do so. Actually, wealth and benefit will come to you to the extent you might gain weight. Hiking could be a good counterbalance. This is definitely the best year in more than a decade for vacations, romance, love affairs and success in sports. You will also derive much joy from children, especially your own kids.

This year your home life is going to be so much happier. Some of you will move into larger, more luxurious digs. Others will buy beautiful things to enhance their home because Aquarians will feel richer where they live. Not only this, but your family relationships will improve immensely. Family members will be more generous to each other and your day-to-day relationships will be more joyful. This quality of expansion to your home scene could be quite literal in terms of more people at home! Birth, adoption or marriage might expand your home scene - or you might get a pet.

Your mind creates your world. This is how it works for all of us. First comes the thought, and then comes the word. From the word springs the deed, and the deed soon becomes habit. Habit eventually hardens into character. This is why we have to watch our thoughts with care! You understand this process well. Therefore, you should be glad to know your thoughts are going to be unusually positive and optimistic in 2012. (Don't ask - they just will be.) So if your thoughts are positive and optimistic, by extension your whole world will be. Relationships of siblings will improve. Your plans for the future will be bigger and more ambitious. And your self-imposed limitations will fall away as you give yourself permission to succeed.

The first half of 2012 will focus on earnings and cash flow for most Aries. There will be increased activity in this part of your life, for sure! Obviously, you'll be dreaming up ways to get a better job or make money on the side or get a raise, and most of you will definitely feel more flush this year. (Money is so handy when you want to buy things, isn't it?) However, specifically, whatever you value most is what will be in abundance. This is also the year where you will achieve a far better understanding of how to use what you have. And also to make sure that you own your possessions and they don't own you. Ka-ching!

Well, things are sitting pretty for your sign, aren't they? After all, lucky moneybags Jupiter is in Taurus until July. For starters, this means you're beginning a major growth cycle in your life that will last about 12 years. In the next decade, you will undergo experiences that help you to discover who you really are. With Jupiter in your sign, you have the almost magical ability to attract people and favourable circumstances to you. Try to make these connections mutually beneficial. This will be a fortunate year for you. As the months go by, your self-confidence will increase, definitely. Many of you will score significant successes. That's nice. Nothing succeeds like success.

Many of you will find that you're more in touch with your spiritual life this year. This could be due to encountering a teacher or a life-changing experience. Or it might be because of your own personal sense of mortality. It's as if you have greater clarity when you look at others around you. You see people's needs and you see how they go about fulfilling them. Because of this clarity, it's easy to be compassionate to others. In fact, your increasing clarity and observations of others might thrust you into the role of teacher for others. (Conversely, some of you will meet a teacher.) Some will even be much more involved with a particular religion or church. This is all part of setting the stage for Jupiter to enter your own sign in July.


This is definitely going to be a much more popular year for all Cancers. You will schmooze more with friends and quite likely be involved with clubs, groups and organizations. But more than that, you're going to give a lot of thought to your hopes and dreams for the future because Jupiter is activating a part of your chart that encompasses your goals. It will benefit you to share your ideas about your dreams for the future with others because friends will be supportive to you this year. In fact, feedback from friends can help you shape your goals or modify them. You will get the most bang for your buck if you can improve the lives of others as well as your own this year. (That's how Jupiter works.)

This is a very interesting time for Leos! Jupiter is now slowly travelling across the top of your chart. This will take all year and into next year, depending on whether you are a July Leo or late August Leo. For certain, the influence you will feel from Jupiter at the top of your chart is that your reputation is sparkling! Jupiter expands. Jupiter is also related to groups, foreign countries, publishing and the media. Therefore, in some way your name will be much more hyped this year. Your reputation will be "out there." It's a great year to move ahead in your career or profession. Traditionally one gets kudos, a raise, and praise - that sort of thing. Increased travel is likely. And for some, this is a chance to change fields to a Jupiter line of work like medicine, healing, the law, higher education or travel. A very successful year indeed!

All Virgos will experience many more chances to travel this year. The year 2012 is all about broadening your experience of the world, and travel is one of the most logical ways to do this. However, some will explore more through study and education. Others will find themselves engaged with people from other cultures in different countries. Your views on the world will change. You will broaden your knowledge, including your awareness of philosophy, consciousness-raising movements and spiritual ideology. (Pretty heady stuff.) Many of you will drop old prejudices - and probably get new ones! (We're naked without our prejudices!)

Two signs get a financial benefit from Jupiter this year. Aries is one sign and you are the other. Many Librans will benefit through inheritances this year. Others will benefit indirectly because their partners earn more money or get a bonus. Some will benefit from the resources of others because people will let them have the use of something even if they don't own it. There are many ways you will feel richer this year, but you will feel richer! To be sure, another area that will get a boost of abundance is your sex drive. But then, you always were a sign that believed, "Chaste makes waste."

This year is a time of culmination for you. You will feel satisfied with how well you are doing at the art of living. You have a lot to be proud of. In some ways, this year will be a turning point in your life. This year offers many opportunities for success, in part because you're ready to go after what you want. One-to-one encounters with others will be particularly meaningful and beneficial. This is a good year to consult experts. And because others benefit you, it's obviously a good year for partnerships and close friendships. It's easy to meet someone who is older, wiser, richer and more worldly.

All Sagittarians have a fabulous chance this year to improve their health. This is good news because many of you party hard, which means you're writing checks your body can't cash. So it's good to boost your health through a change of lifestyle, diet and exercise. Certainly, all Sagittarians can improve their jobs. You can get a better job, or better duties at your current job, or better workplace conditions, and your evil boss will be transferred or fired. ("Ding Dong! The witch is dead!") You will also gain the esteem of co-workers and others who work with you. It's all-good!

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