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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fit: Cardio Balance!

Fitness for me is a lifestyle, I love it. I need it, and I crave the sweat related endorphins. I am happiest when my daily routine includes a workout, of any sort. I'm huge into the Tracy Anderson Method, because it employs both muscle toning and cardio conditioning exercises. The method works for me. 

workouts need to have variety, they need to change especially as fitness goals are reached. Our body is inherently lazy; and once it figures out the muscle memory to master a move it will rely on memory, instead of engagement. To avoid cardio/fitness plateaus switch up your workout. Alternate your cardio, and force your body to engage in the work, and to maintain focus. 

I've put together a 10 minute cardio routine, that alternates between a mini-trampoline and the floor. The differences in the surfaces of the floor and the tramp will help challenge you balance forcing you to engage active mental concentration. 

Try the routine once, and repeat as often as you'd like. 
- Cheers to You, and your fitness goals. 

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