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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reflect: Cai Shen

The second day of Chinese New Year is a day to visit and reconnect with old memories, and old friends. It is a day to honor family, and old relationships. For The second day of the Chinese New Year is the birthday of Cai Shen, The god of wealth. The Chinese believe that to grow prosperous in business or life one must reflect and revisit the past in order to understand the necessary changes in course that need to be applied or re-introduced in order to gain success.

In the days of imperial China, the unemployed and the beggars would go door to door, trick or treating and chanting "Cai Shen dao!" (The God of Wealth has come.) Households would honor the beggars responding with a treat of lucky money.

In business the second day of Chinese New Years, is important. Traditionally it is a day where one asks for the affection of Cai Shen.

To be successful, is so much more than gold coins and shiny possessions. I believe that success is contagious and that true wealth comes is only achieved by elevating a communal awareness and solving a need of relevance.

 As my mom always says: Levi Strauss did not get rich with dreams of gold, nor with the frenzy of greed that was the Gold Rush. Instead, Mr. Strauss got rich by catering to the needs of the Gold Rushers. He produced a sturdy and reliable pant that the men could work long hours in; while simultaneously being protected by the un-predictable environmental elements. Mr. Strauss' fortune was built off of an action that brought value to an entire industry.

Success is not an individual accomplishment, but actions that lead to better our industry's, communities, and relationships. As the new year progresses, I hope to progress my mind beyond my needs and develop ideas to serve a greater more universal need.

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