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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Beach

We all have our special place, where we feel perfectly content. Corona the beer company has employed the concept of finding your beach to their latest ad campaign. I like the metaphor behind the concept, because it acknowledges a universal difference in the search for utopia.  The beer company is currently running a commercial that features a snowboarder ripping up the slopes of a sand filled mountain.

As a winter enthusiast; I struggled with the believability of the ad. I really love what Corona is attempting to market, however I personally have no desire to ever ride on sand: the dust would be annoying, and awful to taste; and the sand particles would forever be stuck in my gear. If I were to ever shred on sand, I would be so petrified of falling and munching a huge mouth full of sand that I would not be able to enjoy a single second of my ride. 

So, I decided to define my beach. Sand free. 

And land locked in Alberta. 

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